As part of the Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust’s (MGET) ongoing Plastic Resolution programme a further 30 cubic metres of plastic waste have been removed from the Upper Mersey Estuary at the Local Nature Reserve Upper Moss Side.

This comes just months after 8 tonnes of plastic waste was removed from the Widnes saltmarsh with the help of local schoolchildren.

The MGET paired up with the local cleaning company Premier Cleaning and Transport Services and Sovini Group, as well as local contractor Nick Bowman to remove plastics and other waste items from the saltmarsh.

The area is part of a Local Nature Reserve, which is managed by the Forestry Commission and despite efforts to manage the site for wildlife benefits, the annual high floods wash considerable amounts of plastic onto the marshes each year.

It took the combined power of a team of 8, plus use of a tractor, to make a start on one part of the saltmarsh. Bulky items such as storage tanks, tyres, and crates were collected among a large quantity of plastic bottles and balls.

The waste was then collected by a local company who will recycle it appropriately.

While there is much work to be done to combat the long term plastic pollution problem, projects such as this are a great start. Elaine Newall, present at the most recent clean-up said “Plastic pollution is a real problem and across the Upper Mersey Estuary saltmarshes. Not only are plastics a real detriment to the environment, it causes a most unpleasant sight across the wonderful natural landscape.”

“What has been achieved so far with the Plastic Resolution programme is fantastic and already improvements can be seen across the area.”

Paul Oldfield, Company secretary of the Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust, added: “Plastics are a major problem for our wildlife globally. This is a small but important contribution to the global problem and we are pleased that we can make a difference to our environment.

Our hope is that we continue to clean up the saltmarshes where we can, but more importantly educate our local community about the dangers of plastic pollution.

The MGET is planning to deliver more clean-up sessions across the year as part of the Plastic Resolution programme and would invite anyone who wished to get involved from schools to community groups, to get in touch via or by emailing