Have you ever seen the Upper Mersey Estuary from a birds-eye perspective?

We have recently added to our photo gallery stunning images of the estuary across the seasons.

Not only do these images give an impressive perspective and provides a unique view of the bridges over the river, the photos are also important to develop our understanding of the estuary.

As part of the our five year monitoring programme delivered by AECOM, these images are taken quarterly, usually at low tide to establish whether the low water channels have moved and how the saltmarsh edge has changed over the monitoring period.

In addition, the images are used to identify areas where new saltmarsh is developing and where it might be eroding. As the saltmarsh is inaccessible in many places, it is a really good way of getting a good overview of the area, without any health and safety concerns.

Have a look at the photos here: http://www.mget.org.uk/resources/