About us

The Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust (MGET) is an independent Charitable Trust set up in 2010 to promote the conservation, protection, and improvement of the environment across a 1600 hectare area of the Upper Mersey Estuary running all the way from the Silver Jubilee Bridge, to the new Mersey Gateway Bridge and up-river, as far as Warrington.

MGET offers a new approach to the Upper Mersey Estuary, with innovative ecological management for people and wildlife to enjoy this special landscape for generations to come. Working with landowners and stakeholders, MGET is dedicated to monitoring and improving the estuarine environment, bringing long-lasting positive change to the area.

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Our vision

The Trust’s vision is to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of the Upper Mersey Estuary and related areas.

Our aims are to:

  • be the Upper Mersey Estuary’s most active and influential wildlife champion,
  • ensure the Mersey Gateway Project is a visionary example of environmental management for future major construction projects,
  • improve the natural environment around the bridge and through the Upper Mersey Estuary on both land and water,
  • increase the bird and wildlife population of the Upper Mersey Estuary over the next 30 years, and
  • secure additional funding for environmental initiatives in the area over the next 30 years.

Our work

Our work is mainly based around the Upper Mersey Estuary – a tidal environment which has a rich industrial legacy, but also wonderful habitats that benefit from our protection and conservation. We work with our partners all around the North West to bring benefits for wildlife and people to the estuary.

Our nature conservation work involves saltmarsh restoration and habitat management e.g. for birds, invertebrates, reptiles and plants. The Upper Mersey Estuary includes a variety of important habitats, with lots of potential for improvement for biodiversity.

Being based in a highly populated area, people are a very important element of our work. We want communities to have access to wildlife and information about their local green spaces. We work to educate and engage people in our nature conservation work wherever possible. 

Our Research Board helps us to identify research areas and interests across the area, connecting stakeholders such as universities and the private sectors to promote environmental research. Our research efforts range from school projects to undergraduate and postgraduate placements, and dissertations to PhD projects.

We are committed to monitoring the environment around the Upper Mersey Estuary. We have a continuous data set for a variety of environmental aspects which helps us to understand changes within the estuary and beyond.