Areas of work

Our work is mainly based around the Mersey Estuary – a tidal environment which has a rich industrial legacy, but also wonderful habitats that benefit from our protection and conservation. We work with partners all around the North West of England to bring benefits for wildlife and people to the estuary.

Our nature conservation work includes saltmarsh restoration, habitat conservation, e.g. for birds, invertebrates, reptiles and plants

Being based in a highly populated area, people are a very important element of our work. We want to involve people in nature, highlight what is on the doorstep, engage people in nature recording and show, and work with numerous stakeholders across the region.

We have set up a Research Board, helping to identify research areas and interests across our area, connecting stakeholders such as universities and the private sectors to promote environmental research. Our research efforts range from school projects to undergraduate and postgraduate placements and dissertations to PhD projects.

We also have the task to monitor the environment around the Mersey Gateway bridge for several years. This will create a continuous data set for a variety of environmental aspects and will help us to understand changes within the estuary and beyond.