Nature Scavenger Hunt

Can you complete our Nature Scavenger Hunt? Download this free resource here.


A quick video explaining how to use the iNaturalist app to record nature. 

Saltmarsh Timelapse

Our saltmarsh timelapse video shows footage of salt marsh recovery from Spring 2019 to Winter 2020 on Widnes Warth. 

Making Room for Nature

The film ‘Making Room for Nature’ shows some of the work MGET does in the Upper Mersey Estuary, including the environmental monitoring that took place around the Mersey Gateway bridge. The filmmaker Alison Hitchens and her colleagues spent two weeks in the estuary filming capturing scenes wildlife in its natural environment.

Aerial Photographs of the Upper Mersey Estuary

Aerial photographs are taken on a regular basis to assess changes in the estuary. They give us information on the change of channels, accretion and erosion of saltmarsh and give us a general overview of the area. Our records go back as far as 2014 and are valuable historic resource. Here is an example from October 2018.